You Can Download Apple's iOS 16 Beta to Your iPhone Today. Here's How

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Apple's iOS 16 is currently in its developer beta phase after being unveiled at WWDC 2022. The iPhone maker's latest mobile operating system is only available for members of the Apple Developer Program, but you can download it right now if you like.

Among the new iOS 16 features announced so far are a redesigned lock screen for the iPhone, the ability to unsend or edit text messages, and improvements to Apple Maps. And while the upgrade isn't slated for general release until September, we'll walk you through how to get your hands on iOS 16 right now -- even before it enters its public beta phase.
Although it's easy to download and install iOS 16, be aware that this prerelease isn't intended for general use, especially because, like all developer beta releases, iOS 16 may currently have unfinished features. These early beta releases are intended for developers, to help them keep their apps up to date while also providing early access to the newest features.

This is all to clarify that you probably shouldn't install this on your main device if you really want to check out this version of iOS 16, but perhaps instead a spare iPhone that is new enough to work with iOS 16 (the iPhone 8 or later). If you do want to take these steps, we'll also show you what you need to do in case you need to revert back to a stable version of iOS 15.
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Source: Cnet