There is a significant price drop for iPhone 15 in China.

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Reports suggest that iPhone 15 prices in China have been reduced by up to 1,501 yuan (5 million VND) on e-commerce platforms. This move is an attempt to boost demand and sales in the country, as e-commerce platforms have been experiencing a decline in sales due to slow economic growth. This price reduction is also expected to coincide with Singles' Day on November 11 in China. is offering the biggest discount on iPhone 15, with the iPhone 15 512 GB version priced at 7,498 yuan, which is 1,501 yuan lower than the official price of 8,999 yuan by Apple. The platform claims that this price change is in line with the company's strategy of offering the lowest possible prices this year. 

Other platforms like Pinduoduo are offering more than 900 yuan (3 million VND) off on the iPhone 15 Plus 128 GB compared to the retail price of 6,999 yuan by Apple. Meanwhile, Taobao by Alibaba is selling the iPhone 15 Pro Max 512 GB for 10,698 yuan, which is 1,301 yuan (4.4 million VND) lower than Apple's listed price. Apple, Pinduoduo and Alibaba have not commented on the price reduction. 

This year, iPhone 15 has not been as popular as its predecessor, iPhone 14 in China. According to Counterpoint Research, iPhone 15 sales decreased by about 4.5% compared to iPhone 14 after 17 days of release. This is the lowest start for an iPhone in China since 2018. Analysts have estimated that the decline in sales for the new iPhone could even reach double digits. They have noted that the iPhone 15 was sold at a "discount price" compared to the list price, reflecting the weak demand of this market for Apple devices.