The box that deceives millions of viewers, thousands of likes on Facebook, TikTok.

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PhoneFarm, a combination of dozens of phones, is the engine behind the service to increase views and interactions on Facebook and TikTok in Vietnam.

"With this PhoneFarm box, users can 'beautify' posts on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or any social network at a cheaper cost than buying ads on the platform," said Quang Vu, who specializes in PhoneFarm business in Dong Nai.

PhoneFarm is a device that is not too strange, which has appeared in China since 2018 in an attempt to increase the interaction of social networks. However, in the past, the "farm" phone contained hundreds of smart phones, and manual handling.

Now things are compact and easy to control.

New generation PhoneFarm boxes like Quang Vu's have a compact design, so there's no need to put them on the rig like before. These devices are similar to microwave ovens, with 15-20 smartphones inside, with an increase in number depending on installation requirements. These phones are screened and separated by battery, with only the board remaining, regardless of whether the device is new or old as long as it works. This helps to prevent battery fires and power consumption due to screen operation.

Phone cards are connected to a motherboard via USB-C or micro-USB if older, serving as both power supply and data connection. Connection success or failure is indicated by an LED on each pin. Everything will be connected to the computer and monitored by its own software.

After creating Facebook, TikTok, Instagram... automatically for your phone, the software will activate the phone number to use for the campaign and increase the video view. Drop" is the response for social media content, which can be utilized for random comments based on canned sentences, or even seeding, depending on the context The term refers to the deliberate act of chatting and leaving virtual comments in messages for effect, interest or controversy.

"With just a few clicks on one virtual smartphone displayed on the computer screen, all will get similar commands," Quang Vu said. This device is the backbone of the'real' interactive service that's being advertised online.

A PhoneFarm box that holds 20 smartphones costs approximately 15 million VND if you use an old phone board and low configuration. The selling price will increase if you use new cards and phones, the higher is 35 million VND for premium models. Buyers often purchase boxes of approximately 30 million VND, mostly from two boxes, to fulfill their own needs, according to Quang Vu. I am capable of selling 5-10 machines every week.
Tran Kien currently uses 5 PhoneFarm boxes to buy and sell video views and interact on social networks, using a combination of a smartphone and an app called This person gave a price list, in which every 1,000 TikTok views is 500 VND, YouTube views are higher with 800-1,000 VND, 1,800 VND for 100 Facebook reactions, 60,000 VND for 1,000 individual account followers.

"As opposed to before, indexes are virtual and 'scanned' by Facebook and TikTok, all interactions are now real," Kien said. The service is often looked for by online sellers and celebrities to "embellish" personal pages and fan pages.

'There are still many people who value views and tastes. A person who posts for every post has thousands of likes, looking at it will create a feeling of trust and attraction compared to Facebook with only a few dozen interactions," he said. This person refused to talk about the revenue, but said that only 2-3 months were able to recover the capital to buy the box.

On social media, PhoneFarm often draws a great deal of attention. Many Facebook groups in this region have over 200,000 members, with over 50 messages a day. Most of the topics are related to buying and selling, the experience of installation and operation of the box.

According to Viet Anh, who used to run a PhoneFarm business in Ho Chi Minh City, most of these machines either import motherboards and phone boards from China, or buy used devices from mobile device stores. Then, they are gathered, sorted, cleaned, and assembled into boxes.

Viet Anh mentioned that it would cost approximately 5-7 million VND to make each box, with a phone available, or less. Low-cost devices often encounter minor errors, such as loss of connection when using, or minor failures and many other annoying problems.

Get Likes With PhoneFarm

Anh Quan, who works in the field of online marketing, said that it is easy to recognize content that automatically interacts with by PhoneFarm if it has an unusually high amount of interaction despite nothing outstanding, or a repeated comment. On a variety of accounts. Clicking on these accounts does not result in any content being shared with them, it only prompts an error message

Quan states that PhoneFarm's ability to interact is limited to a specific time frame. This person stated that platforms can scan and remove them at any time, and accounts using this service are at risk of being locked due to fraud.

The virtual service as, the virtual view service has been pressed several times by Facebook on the platform for violation of community standards and may have the account locked. Bots are not allowed to increase views and comments on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as they are prohibited by platforms like YouTube and TikTok. However, like Facebook, the problem still exists and has not been fully resolved because the software programs are also constantly updated to circumvent the scanner.