Meta out AI generates music from text

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AudioCraft is an AI that allows users to create professional music or sound by simply inputting text that explains what to do.

"Imagine a professional musician being able to discover new work without playing a single note on an instrument, or a business that wants to add background music to its latest promotional video. That's where AudioCraft comes in,' said one Meta representative.

According to Meta, AudioCraft brings together its three artificial intelligence platforms, MusicGen, AudioGen and EnCodec. MusicGen is an AI developed by Meta last year with the ability to create music from input text, while AudioGen specializes in sound effects and also creates sounds from text, such as simulating dogs barking, whistles car, footsteps on the wooden floor. EnCodec is a AI-based audio codec introduced in October 2022 which supports compression and decompression of audio files without loss of quality. This AI also allows for the creation of high-quality music without using large amounts of text input. All wrapped in AudioCraft, for high quality sound, durability and ease of use.

According to Meta, EnCodec was trained using a database of over 20,000 hours of music. All of it is either owned by Meta or licensed for AI training purposes.

Up to now, the generation of AI tools has been able to create images and videos with very high fidelity from text. The higher difficulty is causing the audio field to lag behind.

AI tools that create music, photos, and videos are now receiving mixed reactions. While there are artists who use it to reduce work time, most criticize it for piracy. In the music field, the AI-generated song Heart on My Sleeve caused a fever with more than 20 million views in April, but was accused of intellectual property theft by record labels. On April 17, most platforms like Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Deezer deleted the song from their systems.

According to experts, the music industry is facing a significant challenge as labels struggle with complex copyright issues as a result of the emergence of generative AI models. In early April, the Financial Times reported that the record label Universal Music Group had sent notices to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple with the purpose of calling for blocking the AI ​​service that takes tunes and lyrics from songs that are currently being played copyright holder.