Google Cloud Calculates 100 Trillion Digits of Pi

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Google's cloud service has shattered a record it first broke in 2019, calculating 100 trillion digits of pi, Google Cloud said in a release Wednesday. This is the second time the cloud infrastructure setup has churned out an unprecedented number of digits for the mathematical constant. Last time it took pi to 31.4 trillion digits.

The last 100 digits of the 100 trillion pi it discovered are: 4658718895 1242883556 4671544483 9873493812 1206904813 2656719174 5255431487 2142102057 7077336434 3095295560.

Google Cloud said it achieved the new record through its Compute Engine service, which includes new additions like the Compute Engine N2 machine family, 100 Gbps egress bandwidth, Google Virtual NIC and balanced Persistent Disks.

Google Cloud is partnering with Guinness World Records to validate its feat.
Source: Cnet