Apple joins the race to create A.I.

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Apple is reportedly developing a chatbot called "Apple GPT" to compete with current leading products like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

According to Bloomberg, the large language model (LLM) that Apple is developing is the code name Ajax, whose goal is to power conversational AI technology. This model was created last year, runs like GPT-3 or GPT-4 on OpenAI ChatGPT.

Apple used Ajax to create an AI chatbot that is similar to ChatGPT and dubbed "Apple GPT" by engineers. This chatbot has been put to the test but is being stopped for a short time as the company wants to practice addressing potential privacy concerns related to this chatbot before making it public.

An insider said the new AI engine is 'essentially the same as ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI, without other differentiating features or new technologies'. This is a web platform instead of a mobile app. "Apple currently has no plan to release new AI to end users, although it is actively improving its model," this person said.

Apple denied comment. The corporation's shares rose 2.3% to $198.23 after the Bloomberg report.

According to Business Insider, Apple's development of a generative AI model demonstrates that the company is serious about the technological race to artificial intelligence. CEO Tim Cook repeatedly stressed the importance of AI before that. 'We see AI with great potential and will have an impact on everything we do, every product and service we have,' he said in a February financial report.

AI has been integrated into some products by Apple, such as the fall detection feature on the Apple Watch. However, the company may not be in a hurry to launch generative AI models because they need to be thoroughly tested for safety before they can be deployed to end users. Michael Gartenberg, an independent analyst, believes that Apple's cautious approach could lead to a fall behind in the AI field. Siri, for example, is currently far less feature-rich, much less advanced than the latest generation of AI tools.

"When it comes to AI, in particular Siri, Apple has gone from a leader to a laggard," Gartenberg said Business Insider.